Terms & Conditions

Q1. Why are the documents required for Selling gold ornaments?

Ans: We comply with all GOVT. OF INDIA( legislation and regulations that relate to buying and selling precious metals. As such, we are required to perform an identity check on everyone who sells us items. We are not able to buy from minors , aged less than 18 years of age. You just produce ORIGINAL 1 photo ID & 1 Address proof out of the following documents i.e, Driving license , Passport , Ration Card, Election ID, Work ID, Telephone bill, Mobile bill, Purchase Bill, Property Sale Deed, Rental Agreement , Bank Statement etc if any wanted by Rathna Gold.

Q2. How do RATHNA GOLD protect clients personal details?

Ans: RATHNA GOLD respect the privacy of your personal information , and comply with all privacy legislation . We do not use your personal information for any purpose other than the one for which you provide it.

  • Gold once purchased by Rathna Gold Private Limited will not be given back under any circumstances. It will be melting for purification immediately. Please decide before you sell.
  • Selling Stolen gold is an offence and if found will be reported to the Government authorities.
  • We have brought your gold based on basis of the declaration given by you that you have got the ownership and right of sale of the ornaments.
  • Please count the cash before leaving the counter, no claims for shortfall will be entertained thereafter.
  • Selling fake gold is an criminal offence and if found will be reported to the Government authorities.
  • All disputes are subject to Goa Jurisdiction.

Q3. Once sold can I buy back my ornaments later?

Ans: NO, we will not be able to re-sell it as we will be melting it for purification immediately . Please decide before you sell.