Check for Purity

How we value your gold – Check for Purity

Rathna Gold guarantees the highest price for your valuables. We have a fair and transparent process wherein we use the latest technology to evaluate the purity of your gold. Selling gold at Rathna Gold is as simple as follows:

  • Our staff will hand over to you a form, which you must fill up completely and accurately to comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Submit your personal documents (ID proof, address proof and one coloured photograph) along with the form. Do not forget to bring the original IDs for verification.
  • Once the staff verifies and approves the documentation, you may hand over the items you’d like to sell for determining the weight and caratage of gold. Note that we use the internationally proven German machine, MXGT Aura, integrating SIP technology to establish the purity of gold.
  • Our staff is expertly trained at weighing your ornaments accurately. The weight of any stones, beads, dust or enamel is deducted from the total weight for valuation. In extreme cases, we may need to melt the jewellery to get the exact caratage.
  • We give you the option to sell your jewellery with or without any precious or semi-precious stones. On receipt of a written declaration from you, we are happy to remove the stones and return them to you.
  •  We ensure fair pricing and the online gold rate is displayed prominently in each of our  Branches  as well as on our website.
  • Once we determine the caratage of the gold used in your ornaments, we calculate the gold percentage in order to establish the gross value of your gold.
  • Every customer is given a printed estimate showing the detailed assessment. Upon your full satisfaction, we go ahead with the transaction and also give you the flexibility of choosing a payment method of your choice.

We charge a nominal transaction fee of 2.00% of the gross value. This is reflected in the final assessment shared with the customers. 1.00% VAT is applicable as per Government of India rules, which is also captured in the final assessment.


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