Rathna Group is a new entrant in the Gold business. Established in the year 2015 with its head office at Goa, it is an organisation that aims to change the way gold is bought and sold in India.

We all know the love of our populace for gold – gold is a part of our culture and tradition – we consider it a safe investment, a beautiful adornment and a symbol of tradition.

Owing to its popularity, there are many jewellers in the market selling beautiful and exquisite jewellery. Customers have an array of options for buying gold and this market is more or less organized. Most people consider gold to be a valuable investment and use it to raise finances in times of need. It is easy to pledge your jewellery with pawn-brokers, co-operative societies, NBFCs and Banks. However, by pledging your gold, you only receive 50% of its value as loan, and that too, at very high interest rates. Due to this, most people are unable to release their jewellery ever.

The other option is to sell your gold to raise funds. However, this is a grey area as not many buyers are present in the market. In case of an emergency, you may sell your gold at a jewellery shop, but there is a high risk of being cheated.

This is exactly what Rathna Group seeks to address. Mr.K.C. Veerendra (Puppy), the promoter of Rathna Group has set up two  Branches  in Karnataka and one  Branch  in Panjim, Goa to regularize the buying of gold. With the best interests of the customers at heart, Rathna Gold conducts its business in a highly professional manner through fair and transparent evaluation of valuables using internationally proven German carat checking machines in each of their  Branches  .

A saleswoman displays a gold necklace at a jewellery showroom in Kolkata

Creating news with its new and transparent approach, Rathna Gold is a product of the vision of its Promoter and Director, Mr. K.C. Veerendra (Puppy), who aims to provide assistance to people who want to sell their gold, platinum and silver ornaments in a transparent market at the best price. Rathna Gold Company offers the best possible returns for its customers and also provides funds to its customers for releasing their pledged gold jewellery. An out of the box start-up in Goa, Rathna Gold is gradually spreading its wings across India to ensure that customers all across the country get the best price for their most precious possessions. With steady growth and customer satisfaction at its heart, the group looks forward to making “Rathna Gold” a household name. The group aims to establish 50 touch points across the country in the next 6 Months, 100 touch points within the subsequent 12 months and 500 touch points within a span of the next 3 years

Unlike any other jeweller, Rathna Gold promises high returns, 100% satisfaction and complete peace of mind. We also let you choose your mode of payment including cash, cheque or internet banking to meet your immediate financial requirements.

We are different:

  • We are the first Company in India to use modern technology and transparent procedures for precious metal buying and exchange.
  • Our systems are simple, time efficient and fully automated.
  • We use German technology with SIP technology to evaluate the purity of gold.
  • The online gold price is displayed across all our  Branches  and on our website.
  • All weighing and evaluation is done in front of the customer and a printed estimate showing detailed assessment is given to each customer.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Assurance of complete privacy, best rates and efficient service.
  • Telephone assistance service from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, 7 days a week with 24/7 call back facility.
  •  Branch  service facility on all days except Sundays from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

In a nutshell, trust Rathna Gold to create a “Happy Selling Experience”. Earn the best possible returns on your precious ornaments, bullions, gold coins and other collectibles by dealing with Rathna Gold. Trust us for the most honest evaluation using our modern Carat Checking Machines integrating SIP technology to analyse purity. Once you walk into any of our friendly  Branches  , our quality and transparency would ensure that you leave with a smile on your face like the 5000 customers in the past 12 months across Goa and Karnataka.

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